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It is with great pleasure that I am able to “brag” about the service I receive from Roxanne and you. Years ago (somewhere around 2003-2004) when we purchased a property in Sarasota County, we were not that familar with the area, so we asked the sellers who they had placed the current insurance with and that is how we found Purmort & Martin.

Since then, we have received nothing but excellent service from you on all of our accounts. I know that when we are asked to provide any type of insurance information to any one of our lenders, tenants, buyers, sellers, attorneys, etc., it is just an email away and I will get a response from you immediately. This type of response saves me time in preparing for a closing and one less thing I need to follow up on. Also, on renewals, you are kind enough to fill in all of the information ahead of time so I don’t have to spend the time to do it. I just need to check it over and make any changes where necessary. That is such a nice timesaver also.

Not only is the service excellent, the quotes are very competitive which makes it easier to keep all of our policies at one agency. Again, this saves me time because I don’t have to look up which company our policies are with. However, I am always required to go out on bid to make sure we get the best deal and, 9 out of 10 times, Purmort & Martin comes through as one of the lowest. I am very confident that when I ask what type of insurance coverage we should have on a particular property, we will get the best coverage for the least amount of dollars from you.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone who has insurance needs and please feel free to use me as a referance at any time.

Thanks for the excellent service and look forward to doing business with your company for many years to come.

Rosalie Gallina
Hupp Realty Advisors
907 S. Ft. Harrison Avenue
Suite 102
Clearwater, FL 33756
(727) 210-1900
Fax (727) 210-1901
email: rosalie@hupprealty.com

In today’s business world, one essential component is insurance. Every company needs to protect itself, from officer liability insurance to property insurance to excess liability insurance. Having a partner, like Purmort & Martin, that has expertise in this field is a huge asset. By getting to know our business, Purmort can direct us to the insurance coverage that is tailored to our needs. We end up with the right level of insurance to ensure we are covered in case of incident, without overpaying for insurance coverage that we don’t need. In addition to providing insurance coverage, Purmort & Martin is also a resource for our business operations. Purmort provides guidance with certain exposure situations that arise. They provide information to make sure we have the correct coverage, or level of coverage, to protect our business and meet our needs.

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Senior Friendship Centers Inc.

Purmort and Martin has been meeting our insurance needs for almost 40 years. As our business has grown and changed they were right there with us helping us understand the products we needed to keep us protected. Their knowledge of the nature of the insurance industry and the intricacies of the needs of our business have given us complete confidence in their abilities. Of all the myriad concerns we have in our daily business dealings, one thing we don ‘t worry about us whether or not we are protected. Our satisfaction is complete.

Over the years we have had a few account managers but none have ever been as diligent and hard working as CC Allred. Her dedication to customer service is a model for anyone in the service industry. Always helpful and cheerful it is a joy to call and speak with her. While CC is not the reason we initially came to Purmort and Martin, she is undoubtedly one of the main reasons we have stayed.

Whenever we are asked to recommend an insurance company the response is always Purmort and Martin. Our experiences with them have spanned almost 40 years and never once have we considered taking our business elsewhere.

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"We don't answer to shareholders, we answer to our Sarasota friends and neighbors."
- Russ Bobbitt (partner)

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